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Are you looking for a high quality, professional, and affordable website? How about a website where you don’t even need to pay for hosting? Well, with Hugo you can get a static website which you can host for free on Netlify. This means you will have the most affordable websites to maintain on the planet, where you will only need to pay for the domain name to maintain, all year round. If you go with Hover, this will end up being only $16 USD per year.

"With Hugo you can get a static website which you can host for free on Netlify!"

Website Maintenance with a Content Management System

In addition to this amazing price, managing the website is also very simple. acts as a content management system for static websites. With, you can log into your website and make changes to it. You can upload and replace images, add or modify text, and maintain an ongoing blog. For this reason, there is no reason why every single business out there should operate without a website. It greatly increases your audience and exposure to new clientele. Plus having a website, gives you a professional image where you can brand yourself as a business if you’re just starting out.

Perfect Hugo Website for a Blog, Portfolio, Hobby, or Personal Endeavor

To help you out in developing affordable websites for small businesses, I so happen to be a freelance Hugo web developer in Ottawa. Using the JAM Stack (which stands for JavaScript, API, and Markdown) while working with Hugo, we can create a static website from scratch, without the need to buy a pre-existing theme. We have already worked with Hugo in the past, and were able to successfully market our client's website to the world. Our web development process, includes buying a Html5 Bootstrap template from Theme Forest, and customizing it over a period of time, to create a Hugo website. This saves valuable time, and makes the project more affordable, while still keeping a high quality of work.

You may be involved in a small business or participate in a hobby or personal endeavor. With a static site generator like Hugo, you can get free hosting, which greatly minimizes your costs of website maintenance. You can also set up a blog, and post your blog articles online, while editing your content in an admin panel, within You won't need to buy a generic Hugo theme. As a Hugo web developer, we can create a Hugo blog theme from scratch, and store your website's data through markdown files. We implement effective marketing for your small business, with As an experienced web developer, I highly recommend Hugo,, and Netlify, for small businesses, hobby websites, and personal endeavors. It is one of the most affordable ways to maintain an online presence.

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What Clients Have Said

"When we wanted to create our first commercial website for Distinctive Audio, it seemed like a daunting project –we just didn't know what was involved or how to get started. Sebastian was a pleasure to work with; his creative design ideas, combined with his impressive technical skills and attention to detail, resulted in a website that surpassed our expectations in its features, appearance and functionality. He had both the confidence and the know-how to get the results we were looking for."

Brian Qureshi
High-End Audio Expert
Distinctive Audio

"His valuable knowledge of the latest programs used to develop this type of marketing tool was impressive and he consistently presented innovative ways to convey various ideas. Sebastian understands the importance of how images are used to convey an idea and presented a final product that exceeded my expectations."

Diane Banks
Faculty Marketing Specialist, Arts, Media And Design
Algonquin College

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